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Pebbles PreSchool

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Let us help you find the best start for your child...

Welcome to you and your family.

Together with Wednesdays Bumps, Baby & Toddler group, we form Pebbles Pre- school and we are members of The Pre- School Learning Alliance (PLA) which is a nationwide organization.

The aim of our pre-school is to develop each child’s potential, through structured play in a safe, stimulating and happy environment

We aim to provide a secure, safe environment in which your child may develop social, physical, intellectual, emotional and language skills.

By the time your child starts school we hope he/she will have good speaking and listening skills, have inquisitive interest in books and writing, use basic mathematical language and understand basic mathematical concepts, be curious about his /her environment, be creative and be working towards self-discipline. We aim to establish a positive attitude towards starting school in both the child and his/her family.


Susan Ponte (Pre- School Leader)
01249 814162

Amanda Pryor (Committee Chair)
01672 539110