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Could you research one of these projects

Last Updated 27 September 2018 18:50

  • Transcription of census records, trade directories, etc.

  • Doctors

  • Butchers & Bakers

  • J R Fellowes

  • Whatleys

  • Pewsey Electric Light Co.

  • Places of worship and their ministers

  • Magistrates Court

  • Post Office

  • Railway Station

  • Archaelogy & history of old buildings

  • Water Meadows

  • Effect of war on village

  • Home Front

  • Police

  • Local newspapers - find articles

  • Family histories

  • Record recollections of older residents/characters in villages

  • War Memorials - transcriptions & photographs

  • Graves - photographs

  • A Snapshot in Time

  • Ancient graffiti on public buildings

  • List of particular trades throughout local directories (e.g. funeral undertakers, etc)

If you would like to help with or are currently undertaking research into any of the above projects or have an interest in any other local history research please contact Richard on 01980 630724 or email