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Last Updated 13 January 2020 16:27



6th Come all Ye £4

This means just what it says - all are welcome to share your songs, music and stories around the fire! 13th Come all Ye £4

20th Double Feature Night with John Meriton and Richard Selman, Clive Buckingham & Jonathan Causebrook. £4

27th Come all Ye


3rd Come all Ye £4 10th Come all Ye £4 17th Guest Night - NORTH SEA GAS £7

A Fabulous start to our new year season of guests. This particularly fine band are celebrating their 40th year. They sold out the club last time they were with us - donít miss them this time.

Tickets available now via ourt facebook page

24th Come all Ye £4

Future Guests::Sara Grey & Keiron Means Phil Callery

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