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Last Updated 23 February 2020 13:08



10th -Open Night all welcome £4

17th - Guest Night -NORTH SEA GAS £7

A Fabulous start to our new year season of guests. This particularly fine band are celebrating their 40th year. They sold out the club last time they were with us - donít miss them this time.

Tickets available now via ourt facebook page

24th All welcome night £4


23rd GUEST - ďAndy Lavery draws on his Scottish roots and a lifetime of roaming through different musical genres, starting with classical music via piano lessons, moving on to folk music and the acoustic guitar and more recently playing keyboards in rock, chanson and jazz line-ups. He fuses these influences to produce reflective, rhythmic, melodic music on guitar and keyboards, underpinned with humour. He has been playing folk clubs since the late 70ís initially as a solo singer-songwriter then as a duo with David Fenner and later with Jim and Sylvia Barnes in Scotch Measure resulting folk club and festival appearances all over the country and in German y and an album with Topic Records. After a period on the dark side when he concentrated on playing rock, chanson and jazz keyboards (but still keeping the folk music going with barn dance bands in the Reading area and a brief spell with The Geckoes), he has now dusted off his guitar, returned to his folk club roots and started writing again. As a performer he aims to engage an audience and to share different views of the world, whether by re-interpreting existing songs and tunes or through original ma terial, both thoughtful and humorous, and above all to entertain!s

More to come soon!

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