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Last Updated 13 November 2017 16:58


6th All Welcome Night

13th All Welcome Night

20th Guest: Jody Kruskal - What a few people have said about Jody!

“What a refreshing sound!” - Sing out! “Brilliant concertina player” - Vin Garbutt "Fab" - Heather Wood "Supremely entertaining" - Colin Dipper “You went down very well and we took you to our hearts” - Clive Pownceby, Bothy Folk Club “Amazing concertina player from America. Really swings. You’ve got to be a truly great Anglo concertina player to be able to get music like that out of the squeezebox. Great stuff” - Mike Harding “Thank you for one of our best evenings entertainments. A fantastic evening at the Folk Club - Jody is a great communicator and musician. He held the audience in his hand for his whole performance." - John Cave, Seaford Folk Club “Jody has a style all of his own and it's highly addictive. Not just a player but a great singer as well - old-time, rag time, music hall, a good time all around.” - John Bentham from Tigerfolk in Derbyshire “Technical fireworks... exceptional skills... very exciting playing... he's able to make the anglo-concertina sound like a mouth organ... bending and blurring notes, so that his playing could never be mistaken for that of an English or even Irish player. ” - Rod Stradling, Musical Traditions "Jody is an Anglo concertina virtuoso from the USA with a joyful, energetic & distinctive style; he's a master of American contra dance, old-time and music-hall. He's a fine singer. He writes stonkingly good tunes, too.” - Lewes Saturday Folk Club "Jody was excellent with a great presence, interesting and unusual songs and, for me as an Anglo player, really inspiring box playing." - Colin Andrews in Devon's "What's Afoot"

27th All Welcome Night with the bonus of our favourite regular Mick Hiscock celebrating his 80th Birthday.

There is likely to be cake!


5th All Welcome Night

December l1th: Party Night with TINKERS BAG. This will be Tinkers Bag's last gig as a band after performing together for 20 years. You will be able to hear a selection of all the bands favourite songs and tunes. Catch 'em while you can.

In addition we will be holding the annual Cheese Straw competition. Bring along a selection of your favourite grub and share in the party.

There will also be cake!

CLOSED Till Jan 8th

Merry Christmas and watch out for the Famous Potterne Mummers coming to a pub near you in the week running up to Christmas Eve.

Who would you like to see at the club? email us and we'll see what we can do.